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Источник Holding your tulpa's hand

I started this method after I changed my tulpa's form to a more human like, but I think maybe I should share this method if someone is interested. Now, I did use the leash technique when she was still in her pony form, but it doesn't work for me and this might be too oppressive and she might not agree with this now that she has a human body now. So I instead switch to holding her hand while walking. Unlike the leash, I can feel her hands holding mine the all time. When I want to let go of her I just simply let go of my hands as usual.

The trick: Imagine your tulpa just beside you, then you grab your tulpa's hand. If you can feel her hands, then you're doing great. If not, don't worry, keep doing it till you do.

This is a form of interaction with your tulpa, so it might work.

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Источник Imposition via photos

Considering there aren´t that many guidelines on imposition i figured i would try finding some myself. I´ve been thinking about it for a while and i finally found one that worked (for me). It´s pretty simple and atleast in my case, it induced short visions of my tulpa outside of my mind vision.

1: Get in a comfortable position with a picture/drawing of your tulpa in your hand. 2: Hold the picture up in front of you eyes at a distance that makes the pictures proportions fit into the scenery. 3: Close your eyes and visualize what you just saw (Don´t move your head). 4: Tell/convince yourself «When i open my eyes, i will see my tulpa in front of me in that exact spot» 5: Open your eyes! 6: Repeat until you get results


1:http://gyazo.com/6ac59da75e37898d4e29e21867a16574.png?1353627107 [Image: 6ac59da75e37898d4e29e21867a16574.png?1353627107]
2:http://gyazo.com/712f74a6726e673d9a28eaa74c587665.png?1353787581 [Image: 712f74a6726e673d9a28eaa74c587665.png?1353787581]
3:http://gyazo.com/c7ee6d016618a9e00c00c768757141db.png [Image: c7ee6d016618a9e00c00c768757141db.png]
4:http://gyazo.com/0f22bdc093dfe5850e576b306e8e1ef3.png?1353787644 [Image: 0f22bdc093dfe5850e576b306e8e1ef3.png?1353787644]

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Источник NED's leash imposition guide

I whined that we needed an imposition guide so I decided to experiment with my own methods in order to make one for you guys. I did not have to experiment for long as my first method was very successful.

Basically this leash method is similar to FAQman's method of imagining your Tulpa behind you and eventually mastering that and over time you become good enough to imagine it in your central vision and then it becomes real.

This method is just like that. But wait! There's more!

A leash; basically imagine a leash/chain/rope/any other form of physical attachment or linkage and tie one end to yourself (waist or wrist reccommended) and the other end to your Tulpa.

Now because you are now attached to eachother, you cannot escape eachother as easy. When you walk around you are able to feel the 'tug' of the leash as you pull your Tulpa around. This is very helpful.

This method is also great because I noticed that whenever i 'forgot' my Tulpa and she was drifting away from my mind, she is able to tug on the rope, catching my attention and making me remember her again.

Because she is able to simply tug a rope and remind me that she was behind her or wanted attention; this has greatly benefitted my progress. I can now imagine her nearly all the time and I have seen her in the corner of my eyes 3 times. All in a space of nearly a week.

Protips: -Draw a chainlink or some other symbol on your hand to keep reminding yourself of the chain, this seems to give bursts of clarity in visualising her behind me -Don't forget to pull the chain yourself if you feel they are drifting away or you are losing them.

Warnings and reccomendations: -This leash is kind of oppressive to some or maybe offensive so make sure you Tulpa is okay with it -Make sure you and your Tulpa have the ability to remove the leash. You do not want to develop an unfree Tulpa -Make sure to take breaks from this method as the Tulpa will most likely want some alone time from this. -Make sure your Tulpa is sentient enough to change the length of the rope at will so they are a little more free.

Disclaimers: I did this method well into sentience (she can speak and move perfectly) and got fantastic results as my Tulpa can now gain my attention in the real world at any moment she wants, all she needs to do is make a small bit of pressure around my wrist simulating the tug of a rope, (she even claims its simple and makes her life alot easier, she says without it, it was very frustrating) I do not know what will happen or if it would work if you did this at an earlier stage.

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Источник Open eye visualization idea

When in class the other day, I was looking in the window and noticed the reflection in it. I immediately thought of tulpae and how using this might be able to help. (Im horrible at explaining things, so bear with me) so my proposition is to imagine your tulpa in a reflection of some sort, be it water, glass, etc. just not something with too good a reflection. i.e. a mirror. and use that to improve your open eye visualization/visual imposition skills. if anyone can explain this idea better than I did, please, feel free.

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Pepper's Ghost

You can skip to the paragraph before the image if you like. This is just a verbose introduction for anyone who's interested.

This is really just a combination of this and this, and it's not even an original combination – anyone who knows anything about stage magic would probably have thought of this if they read the first thread I linked there.

Giambattista della Porta may be the inventor of this technique. In 1584, he wrote the first known description of it, which he titled: «How we may see in a Chamber things that are not» – almost as if he knew this would be used for imposition someday. In 1862, Henry Dircks tried to sell this idea to theaters, but nobody was buying. Later that year, John Henry Pepper saw Dircks perform the technique, and later became the first person to use this on stage, in a performance of Charles Dickens's The Haunted Man. Ever since then, the technique has been known as Pepper's Ghost.

You've probably seen this technique in stage plays, haunted house attractions, magic shows, concerts (Tupac's Hologram), or children's toys. It's also why filmmakers expect us to believe turn of the century stage magicians could produce 3D holograms, in films like The Illusionist and perhaps Oz the Great and Powerful.

Here's a good description of the technique with a diagram. To apply this to forcing, what you want to do is take a cardboard box and modify it like so:

[Image: 2vns1g2.jpg]Тут пикча

Cut large holes where the red lines are. Secure a pane of glass or similar material upright where the cyan line is, and tape a picture to the back wall of the box where the green line is. Cut an additional hole in the top of the box between the cyan and green lines for a light to shine in on the picture of your tulpa. (Or I guess you can use a laptop, phone, tablet, digital picture frame, or some other illuminated screen to display the picture, and you won't need the top hole for the light.)

Set this contraption at eye-level on one side of a room. (A stack of books on top of a table might work to get it up high enough) You sit on the side represented in the bottom of the picture above, and look through hole, glass, and hole at the other end of the room. The room should be dimly lit, and when you look through this box at it, you'll see the ghostly image of your tulpa standing on the other end of the room. You may need to adjust the position of the box so that your tulpa is the right size relative to the other objects in the room.

Look at the image of your tulpa until it's as solid as anything else in the room. When that happens, get rid of the box and see how well you can do without it.

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Method for imposing and open eye visuals.

The method I'm about describe only requires some piece and quiet, a bed, and darkness. Okay if you have those «items» then you should start by waiting for nightfall. After it is night time and everything is calm and quiet I want you to get under you blanket and put it over your head so you can not see, yes all the way under the blanket. Now it should be pitch black…if you did as I told you and tried this during the night. Now I want you to sit there patiently with your eyes OPEN simply waiting . You can listen to music if it helps you focus, but make sure that there is no perceivable light present. After a couple of seconds or minutes you should start to see blobs of color floating in your vision.

Calm down it's natural. These blobs of color are known as hypnagogic hallucinations. If you ever have focused while falling asleep you should see them floating on the backs of your eyelids or if you simply close your eyes and LIGHTY pressure your eyelids you should start to see them. After awhile you should be able to control and change the form of these colored blobs. With that ability you can start to impose your tulpa by changing The shape and color of the blobs and practice open eye visuals all in one. I want you to practice this every night until you can control the blobs effortlessly and change the color.

Edit: you can also use an eye mask for this, good luck Smile

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(Disapproved) Flash Imposition

So I've been trying to impose Tessa for 3 weeks now with just a few small results. The one that looked most like a real hallucination was when I was sitting in the train imposing her on a chair behind a door with windows because there was no more room in second class. I looked outside and when I was averting my eyes again a flash of her face so clear right infront of me. I have no idea if it was a hallucination or not but I'm hoping for yes. So my theory on getting imposition to work faster is to think your tulpa is behind you. Try to focus as much on how him/her sitting behind you and then as quickly as you can turn your head around. The only thing you should know is there should be your tulpa. Don't focus on anything else. If what I suspect is true then the only thing you should see before actually noticing all the other stuff in the room should be your tulpa. I have no idea if this works but I'm definitely going to try this out later tonight. If anyone else would want to give this a try and post their results here would be most welcome.

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(Disapproved)glitchthe3rd's imposition guide

This guide is intended for people who are able to multitask and would like to impose their tulpa, but perhaps don’t have large quantities of time to devote to forcing everyday. In order to use my method, you will need a tulpa who is at least sentient and can move on their own without being puppeted.

To start, imagine an invisible forcefield that extends up to ten feet around you and adapts to obstacles it encounters in the environment (e.g. walls, ledges, etc.). Your tulpa will be unable to break through this barrier, and will effectively be forced to accompany you as you go about your day. As for the actual imposition itself, the procedure is the same as in Irish’s guide: Impose the tulpa upon all of your senses, almost all the time, and eventually they will appear to you without conscious effort. Memorize their gait, try to feel them brushing against your fingertips, take in their scent and their visual details. The whole idea of imposition is that you are consciously imposing the tulpa on your senses during every waking hour, to the point where it eventually becomes second nature and you do it subconsciously, resulting in a tulpa that is considered to be “imposed”.

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(Disapproved)Meditation aids

This is for those who are having some trouble visualizing their forms. Two ways to do this. It requires a stretch of sunny weather with fairly clear skies. When your outside and your tulpa form is humanoid focus on the head of your shadow watching it intently impose the features of the tulpa on the shadow form. This is can done with a large drawing as well cut it out stand it up focus on it impose features. When you can see…. and I do not mean imagine I mean see features forming on the shadow raise your eyes to a patch of blue sky away from the sun so you don't hurt your eyes and try to impose the image against the sky. Takes about 2 weeks of practice if you focus. … maybe sooner if your already able to visualize detail in your head easily and for a length of time without breaking. Same can be done with moon shadow if you live where the air is clear in winter and snow cover is good for that.

This came from a yoga version same idea as tulpa making just a way of doing meditation that gives some variety. I'll throw a couple up. I think it's in the Tantras by Woodriff but I'm not sure off the top of my head. Since I'm planting right now I dont' have a lot of time to look up the specific reference.

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(Disapproved) Tetris Effect as Visual Imposition Method

  The Tetris effect (also known as Tetris Syndrome) occurs when people devote so much time and attention to an activity that it begins to pattern their thoughts, mental images, and dreams. It is named after the video game Tetris.

As the definition above says, this effect is not limited to only Tetris, but can come across as a crosshair for people that plays FPS, as a Pac Man level or even as a Rubik cube if you've interacted a good amount of time with any of those.

I have had experienced several times before the Tetris effect and it consisted of translucid hallucinations overlay over whatever I was looking at. I was able of controlling the falling tetrominos (the Tetris figures) since it started and it was as having the game on my head.

After sometime I realized I could play with those figures and «transform» them into whatever I wanted to, and this is how everyone who has the effect or is willing to play enough to get it can use it to shape their tulpa. Just transform the hallucinations you had from the games into what they look like. If you are able to control the tetrominos or whatever you're hallucinating, transforming them shouldn't be a problem.

Note: What I wrote is just based on my experiences and of 2 other guys I know who had the Tetris effect.


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(Disapproved) visual imposition tip

basically what you do is you take a pen or pencil or your finger or some other small stick like thing, then you «draw» or «write» with it in the air and see the words/pictures show up as a invisible image in front of you.(you could probably see them in color and solidity too if you were more advanced.)

Not recommended for beginners,best to have at least 50 hours of visual imposition training done beforehand.

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