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Testing's Switching Guide

Disclaimer: Hello! This is Possession/Switching/merging part of testing and Han's guide. For the other sections, please check the pastebin http://pastebin.com/u/Hanyuutesting. We prefer to keep guides short and to the point exactly. EDIT THE GUIDE IS NO LONGER A SHORT GUIDE ;_; :/ :\ \: /:

Introduction: I will first assume that you are aware of what switching is but in case you dont, it is when the tulpa can use the hosts body as if it were her own and the host is moved into a temporary mindform. This guide is made to allow for the party to switch much easier than the other guides, and also learn an easy method of possession following the same tecniques. If you are not at all willing to give your body to your tulpa temporarily, or permanantly as Koomer has done, then sadly this guide will not work for you. We do recommend reading Oguigis possession and the other switching guide as well, to increase your understanding of the processes involved with said methods. That being said the rest of the guide will be the real method

Table of Contents If you are only looking to switch, you only need to read the sections marked with a «*» next to them

TL;DR version Step ? the concept Step 0 Setup Step 1 Switch whos thoughts are dominant* Step 2 Possession* Step 3 Tulpa Coming in your body* Step 4 Giving your body to your tulpa* Step 5 Very very optional merging Step 5.1 merging method 1 Step 5.2 merging method 2 Step 6 Undoing possession, switching, and merging, the most important step* Step 7 Afterword Questions So only 5 out of the 13 sections excluding the Introduction and the Disclaimer are necessary to switch meaning if you want to switch this guide is not as long as it appears

TL;DR version I advise you still read the rest of the guide because i only wrote the basics in this section, there are many helpful tips and information topics in the the rest of this guide

1 Relax and stuff whatever you like 2 Switch mindvoice Dominance, this is the most useful step in the process of switching. Put your tulpaes mindvoice before your own mindvoice then go on. This is great for other methods as well. 3 Have the tulpae enter your body and move it as if it was their own 4 Put yourself in a temporary mindform tulpa bodie or whatever you want to call it 5 Practice it more until you can merge with the method below because merging takes some practice

Step ? the concept Give your tulpa control over your thoughts, put them in your bodie, and pull your thoughts out so the tulpa ha full control over your body, and it is more effective than the other method of pulling yourself out of your body and putting your tulpa in because if you pull yourself out first you will be pulled back into your body naturally, however if you put two sets of thoughts as dominant in one it becomes «unstable» like the nucleus of an atom for a visual and one of you will be pushed out easier and one pair of thoughts becomes submissive. Merging is where both the tulpa and the hostmaster can stay dominant, and done by practicing switching until you can both be dominant at once, all tecniques for it will be explained below.

Step 0 Setup Your tulpa should be vocal and sentient of course, if youre reading this and plan to do it. Have them so you can feel their presence regardless if you can see them or not. Keep in mind that this entire process is tiring on a lot of tulpaes at first so practice it in 10 minute sessions until you are comfortable with it. If you are sitting in a standard chair put the back of your chair to the side or stand because it will be useful and helpful

Step 1 Switch whos thoughts are dominant Take a deep breath first and relax or whatever you like so you are comfortable Normally people tell me that their voice is dominant, their voice is in the «front of their head» and their tulpas voice is in the «back of their head» or that they hear mostly their voice and some thoughts of their tulpa. The goal of this paragraph and step is to reverse that. Have your tulpas voice become dominant over yours in any way you like. If you can do that without any help then move on if you dont keep reading

>You can imagine your tulpas voice moving to the front of your head and yours move to the back >You can make their voice louder and yours much more quiet

You can imagine 2 orbs with 2 different colors, one smaller sized orb representing your tulpas mindvoices and one larger orb representing your own mindvoices, and have your tulpas orb grow in volume while yours decreases in volume, or however you want

the 3 i mentioned are the methods that ive told people to use but if you have a different method, that is no problem if you can get your tulpas mindvoice as the dominant mindvoice you hear. This does not mean you should hear every word they was as words, think about how you think to yourself, you hear words, random thoughts and ideas wandering thoughts. It should be the same for your tulpa, and how you hear your tulpa voice, except their thoughts should be heard the same way you hear your own and yours should be how you hear your tulpa, bottom line is switch mindvoice dominantness from yours to your tulpaes.

>If your tulpa is dominant, it will be harder for you to think, so the tulpa will have to do more work for the next few steps and it is advised to read the guide at least once before trying it so you know what youre doing

Switching mindvoices does not mean you use her real voice and the tulpa uses your real voice, it is switching places so that the tulpas is dominant, and is mentioned twice because it is important in this guide
At this point i have been told the tulpas voice is much clearer than before so that is something to look for as well and a method of training vocality if you wish

Step 2 Possession At this step you should be able to do a possession easier. Keep in mind that the brain is «supposed to» send signals that control the body so if your tulpa can send signals to your body just like you do then your tulpa can possess your body by using that. There are different methods to switch and possess but i will talk about the methods that require little work to pull off. One method is to combine your mindvoice swap with Oguigis guide, such have your tulpa imagine moving your limbs while they are the dominant mindvoice.

Another method is to think about how you move your arm, send that feeling to your tulpa or have them think about how they move their own body, and as the dominant mindvoice, they should be able to move your body quite easily without much effort at all. In other words have them send signals to your body while using your body

Isnt it impossible for a tulpa to do that?

Not really, you already have the ability to do it to yourself but you just need to have your tulpa do the same while controlling your whole body

Step 3 Tulpa coming in your bodie There are plenty of ways to do this and all of them work, but i will explain a simple and easy to understand method that is effective and that i have recommended for others to use that has been effective. Expose your front and back with no large objects stopping your path such as your chair, shirts and pants are fine but we go shirtless in our house so it doesnt make a difference. Get in a position where your tulpa can reach your chest. Regardless of form, have them sit on your lap for the time being, comfortably, but how you sit doesnt matter

Have them sit on your lap
Have their body become and feel less opaque, or more see through

Imagine their body turn a little more transparent, but not too transparent. just enough so that they can slide into your body.

Have them do exactly that (It is reversible by doing the opposite) and then have her be able to almost «hook up» to your body parts. If they are not the same size or humanoid its the same concept and the process will still work, which i know because Hanyuu is a wormy
After that, they should be able to move your body as if it was possession, because it is in a way possession of your body except they can control it directly as if it were their own body. This should be made easier by havng your mindvoices switched. Switching mindvoices helps many tulpa processes and methods

Step 4 Give your body to your tulpa This is the hardest step so far from these steps as i have been told by people using this technique, but with your mindvoices switched, its not overly hard. It is very hard to explain however. Form a mindform body that looks like your own, and then pull your thoughts into the tulpa body. You can just jump consciousnesses directly into the body if you are able to do that method. Look with the bodies eyes and sense with the body senses just as tulpaes do with their body. You should be able to figure it out, just become the mindform, or have the mindform pull from your body but be sure that youre controlling it. It is a temporary body that should be formed from only your thoughts, just as a servitor styletype bodie

Once you have your consciousness and or thoughts in the mindform body, your tulpa should be able to weakly control your body at first and will get stronger at it, or or will be able to strongly control your body right away. That is all you need to do. Keep practicing that until you are comfortable switching. An example scene of switching that you can get an idea of what to look for is this

Tulpa is in your form using your body typing on your computer while you talk sit back by your wall talking to your tulpa and talking to them with a mindvoice like a/the tulpaes.

H: From the tulpaes point of view, it should be like the hostmasters normal point of view, meaning they should use the body just as if it were their own, as well as have full access to all 5 senses provided by the body. They should also hear the host as he would hear a normal tulpa. Also i repeat that not all thoughts are to translated into english and you should hear thoughts just as your hostmaster does. I mean that you have a clearer subconscious thought reading level than they have as a tulpa and that very very normal Edit: Some people have said that their mindform is unstable at first when you switch, pull your mindform out just as normal and have in in a low movement setting, and have it sit quietly and watch, then after you can switch, work on making your mindform more stable, just like developing a tulpas body. It is the exact same process regarding a body. Also as a tulpa your senses may be blurrier and harder to distinguish what is felt with your senses. That is normal, it is not always fixed, because that is how a tulpa body works, it is a little less vivid from what we have found with our personal experience with it, but you can try to work on it and make it clearer by focusing on it or other methods in order to accomplish this task here.

Step 5 Very very optional merging Merging is very optional and not worth the effort for many people, we do it because it was not hard to do, but for some it might be harder to pull off easily :> There is 2 types of merging, one is the method described in this guide, the other is combining 2 or more tulpa or one or more tulpae and a human into one being permanently, which is not only advised against, but hard. The merging here is when the tulpa and host can both have the dominant mindvoice. It is like the parallel processing theory but there are some similarities and differences, because both can do stuff that the other cant but they bear the same sort of results. The tecnique is a spinoff of the method in this guide but with a different twist. There are also ways to merge listed in this guide but there are undoubtedly more

Step 5.1 Optional merging technique 1 Simplest method but harder to maintain in the longer term forcing and whatnot. Its very straight forward. When you start at step 2 simply have both hostmaster and tulpaes mindvoices balance out so you can hear them both equally. Then have the tulpa enter your body but dont leave it at all. This is hard to because normally (and in most cases, one mindvoice of either the host and the tulpa will become dominant over the other and usually the host or the tulpa will have dominance and more control over the body. It is simply practice keeping you two at an even level.

Step 5.2 Optional Merging technique 2 Same method except switch first and have the host reenter the body until its balanced. This is the same idea that you accomplish this by practice, however it is more stable, by just a little, because the host will likely be more dominant in the first technique. By switching first, the tulpa becomes more dominant so its easier to balance it with the hostmasters mindvoice and body.

Once you are merged, your thoughts should start to blend but you should be able to tell who is who. To move the body, you both should naturally agree how to move the body at this point by instinct. It will just move naturally as it does normally for you, because the thoughts are merged and combined, so it will flow naturally but the tricky part is getting merged.

Step 6 Undoing possession, switching, and merging, the most important step Simply do what you did in reverse, its much easier to undo it than reDO because the host is more attached to his body than the tulpa so he/she will return to the body in due time, even more so and faster if he undoes the switching. Oguigi and Koomer dont count because of their case. If you can become the dominant mindvoice again then separating the tulpa from your body the same way it entered, then switching and merging is pretty easy to break, very easy infact, easy enough to the point where it will probably break on its own and return to normal with your tulpa in its body and you in yours

Step 7 Afterword There is no method here, but eventually you may be familiar with the processes and your switching will get easier over time with practice and eventually you can skip certain steps of the process because you will combine them with other steps and do it all at once, and you may even develop your own tips tricks and methods for switching, but for now stick with the full process until you know what you can and cant exclude and skip. for us so far we can switch just by switching dominant mindvoices and having her control the body as if it was her body and whatnot Thats all for the guide, hope it is useful you guys!


What if i dont want to give up my body?

Unfortunately you cant switch but you can attempt to use the merging method 1 if you are interested in merging and letting your tulpa use your physical body

Why would you want to switch or merge?

H: It lets tulpaes interact with real things in the real world easily and our senses are much more vivid in a human hostmasters body from what we have experienced and also is good for vocality practicing, (plus sex)

What if i cant undo switching or merging by force?

Its very easy to undo them both and far easier, WAY easier than do get into that state to start at all with undoing. Even if you cant it should revert back to normal on its own if you dont do anything and let it fade

what do i do as a tulpa?

Whatever you want, interact with your body, or go into your wonderland and have a fun time or whatever you want

How long will this take?

I had switching down on the day Han was created, but others have gotten and said they had very good progress within a week with half an hour to one hour forcing sessions per day, and so far the people that have told they have used the method had improvement of SOME sort as soon as they did Step 2 successfully, whether it be a clearer mindvoice or easier possession, the second person to use this method, myself as the first guy, reported to me almost fully switching within a week

lel why symbolism?

Its not even symbolism except for the one mention of the 2 orbs, each representing one mindvoice of the hostmaster and the tulpa

hostmaster? tulpaes? WHy cant you call them the host and the tulpae?

Because it amuses me <3

How long should i practice per day and per session?

Preferably 3 10 minute forcing sessions per day, or at least one at most 6 or one hour, they dont have to be in a row, although they could, they can be spread our or all at one session. Switch back between sessions unless you are very comfortable with the methods and tones

What tones are you talking about testing?

http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iqT0iFZifgw here is a song, enjoy it nigger :>

How do i contact you if i have some random question?

I am sometimes in the thread in /mlp/ in 4chan, and maybe sometimes in the irc #tulpa-forum, the instructions for how to join an irc chat are in the OP post of the thread :> <3 <:? :> <:

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